About Us

Kimberly K.



My husband and I married in San Francisco, and enjoyed our amazing honeymoon in Hawaii.  That is when we were introduced to the delicious and satisfying, comfortable and scrumptious food called Hawaiian Barbeque.  We’ve loved it ever since!  Not long after our honeymoon days, our daughter Hannah was born and she (and her brother) loved Hawaiian Barbeque too (especially the macaroni!).  Like the Road to Hana on Maui, beautiful and rewarding, ours has been a beautiful and rewarding road watching our children grow. But now, years later, our story comes full circle.  With our kids headed to college, I decided to take a break from being a homemaker, and share our passion for this satisfying food with the people in our community.  I’ve teamed up with a wonderful husband and wife chef team, trained in Hawaii for over a decade.  We use only the freshest ingredients, and prepare all foods fresh daily.  We are committed to providing you a great tasting meal — just like it would be in Hawaii.  We promise to deliver these to you at an affordable price, in a clean environment, and with a friendly smile.  Eat in or take home.  Welcome to Hana Hawaiian Barbeque.  Whether it’s your special day or really just any day, we invite you and your family to take the road to Hana, and enjoy the delicious foods of Hawaii…right here at home.


        `Olu`olu komo mai  (Please come in)

      Hana Hawaiian Barbeque